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Angela Andrew

Mobile Podiatrist & Reflexologist

Offering Professional Care in the comfort of your home


Initial Consultation

What happens at my first appointment?

An initial reflexology or podiatry appointment lasts about an hour. Angela will discuss with you what you are hoping to gain from your visit, your personal contact details including an emergency contact, your medical history including recent illnesses and operations, and asked to provide a list of your current medication and allergies so these can be documented. You will be asked to read and sign a short paragraph regarding your informed consent on how I store and use your information and can be rest assured that all information you supply, will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology: Based on the information you provide regarding your health, the reflexologist will formulate a treatment plan especially for your needs and briefly explain how reflexology works. You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and lie on a couch to allow access to examine and cleanse your feet, and provide your treatment using your preferred choice a softening reflexology wax pre-blended with essential oils from 5 available, including unscented.  The treatment will consist of massage and varied pressure applied to your feet by the reflexologist using her thumbs and fingers. You should find this relaxing, but if any sensitive or tender spots are found, these will be given extra attention by the reflexologist, to relieve congestion in that area and to bring it back into balance.


Following your reflexology treatment: You will be encouraged to drink plenty of water to help remove any toxins to help cleanse your system. People experience various symptoms post treatment, usually feeling more relaxed. However, it is normal to feel sleepy, feel energised, cold/shivery, hot/sweating, feel emotional, need empty your bowels or bladder more often.


Podiatry: Following discussion of your symptoms, the podiatrist will need you to sign a mutually agreed careplan of proposed treatment, including the risks and benefits, and the expected outcome. The podiatrist will explain the purpose of conducting and recording the result of a painless neuro-vascular assessment of your feet using a hand-held ultrasound doppler, 10g monofilament and 128mhz tuning fork, and inform you of her findings. Treatment will follow according to your agreed podiatric needs and consent, and you are free to inform the podiatrist or stop the treatment at any time should you feel discomfort. Please note, if your presenting foot conditions requires more care or extended time, you will be advised if you need to extend or rebook an appointment at extra cost.

Following your podiatry treatment: You may or may not wish the podiatrist to inform your GP of her findings from the neurovascular test, and/or your received treatment in order to update your medical records or highlight a condition to your GP. Your podiatrist will advise you of verbal footcare and wear and how to seek SOS attention should any concerns arise. You will also be advised of the recommended return time to manage your condition/s and any interim care needed between appointments.

Combined treatments are also available by appointment

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In the comfort of your own home

in Plymouth and Devon up to 50 mile radius

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